John Oliver publishes Jeff Sessions' email and urges people to send their strange d*ckpics
John Oliver (Photo: Screen capture)

The bizarre and amusing story begins in Norway. "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver discovered a 7-11 commercial for the country that urges safe sex in the strangest way possible.

According to the HBO host, Norway's 7-11 commercial features the amazing vistas of fjords, midnight sun and, unfortunately, their over-abundance of chlamydia. The ad urges people to purchase protection, at 7-11. Part of the safe sex ad campaign includes a man dressed like a penis wondering around and scaring people by shooting confetti out of the tip. He then screams at them for a reason Oliver can't quite figure out.

His main point, however, is that the man dressed like a penis shows the penis bent at a 90-degree angle. Oliver was concerned that people might think that is typical for Norwegian penises, and assured the world it is not. If someone does have a bent penis, however, Oliver urged them to send the photos to an email address he identified as Attorney General Jeff Sessions' at the Department of Justice.

Watch the strange story below: