Like they were 'raised by wolves': MSNBC guest destroys 'unethical' Trump kids for treating charity like a personal piggybank
Donald Trump and his children (lev radin /

MSNBC host Chris Hayes finds the way in which Donald Trump conducts himself when it comes to rules and laws shocking.

Elie Mystal, who serves as the executive editor of the site "Above the Law," explained that the Trump family seems to see "rules are just guidelines and guidelines are just Yelp reviews." Such was the case with the latest civil case for the Trump Foundation.

Not only does Trump have no working knowledge of how laws work, Mystal said that it seems the family doesn't think they can be held accountable anyway.

"There's those legends about kids raised by wolves who haven't had human acculturation," Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall compared. "Like the Trump family -- they were raised -- they don't know about the law. Something congenital, they don't know about not breaking the law."

He went on to say that there are rules and understandings about how to be a corrupt politician or businessman. He specifically suggested not putting things in writing or over email. Another key thing not to do is to create a paper trail for moving hush money or illegal donations around.

Mystal quoted Trump's tweet saying he has no intention of settling the lawsuit, saying, "no problem! We ain't asking you to settle this."

He noted though, that it doesn't matter what the findings are, what cases Trump loses or if anyone is found guilty in any indictments, civil or criminal, the base will never believe them.

One thing Mystal hopes will come from this, if the Democrats take back the House, he wants to see them pass a law that says all presidential candidates must release their taxes so that the American people are aware of any potential conflicts of interest.

Watch the exchange below: