'Like he was targeting people': Annapolis shooting survivor describes horror of watching colleagues shot
Man who works in office across from Capital Gazette and survived the shooting (Photo: Screen capture)

In an interview with WJLA, a man who's office is across from the Capital-Gazette explained that the shooter seemed like he was looking for targets.

He said that he was on the phone with a client when he heard huge bangs.

"I poked my head around the corner of my desk, so I could see out our front door into the front door of the Capital-Gazette, and I saw guy, a guy holding the gun. The door of the Capital-Gazette had been blown to pieces, it was an shattered pieces on the carpet and this guy was holding a big shotgun, and moving across the entrance of the Capital-Gazette office, pointing the gun deeper into the office, like he was targeting people."

He said that he heard indistinct shouting after another few minutes before there were more gunshots. He said he only saw the gunman for a second.

"I ducked my head back behind the wall as soon as I saw the guy, but I did not hear him say anything distinct," he said.

He said he then called police and that they arrived extremely quickly. He was told to shelter in place and they were able to get the shooter quickly.

"I saw a young woman who looked like she had been hurt, she was on the ground," he revealed. "There was a bunch of blood on the floor. I assume [she was injured]."

Watch the full interview below: