Bill Maher guest Charlamagne tha God reveals surprise silver lining to Trump's racism
Charlamagne tha God on Bill Maher/Screenshot

Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God stole the the show on a panel hosted by Bill Maher Friday night.

During the panel that also had Paul Begala, Natasha Bertrand, Bret Stephens in which the dangers of Trump's creeping autocracy and complete disregard for the truth featured prominently, the Breakfast Show host gave a silver lining to the Trump era.

"It's going to be easier after this presidential term is over, because so many people have been exposed," he said. "That's the beauty of this presidential term. Nobody's being covert with their racism bigotry no more. Now they're being overt. So now we know who's who."

Maher could not follow up—he had to change the subject from Trump.

"OK, let's not talk about that a**hole anymore," Maher said.

Watch below.