Michael Ian Black dissects the mystery of missing Melania -- and it's fascinating
Image: Melania Trump in June, 2016 (a katz / Shutterstock.com)

Like many people, actor and comedian Michael Ian Black has grown fascinated with the seeming disappearance of first lady Melania Trump, who was last seen in public on May 10 -- almost three weeks ago -- prior to undergoing a medical procedure that was expected to keep her in the hospital for a few days, only for her to stay for the better part of a week.

With President Donald Trump headed to Camp David for the weekend without the First Lady, Black suggested that something may be up and made some decidedly non-snarky suggestions that there may be trouble between the president and his wife and she wishes to not be seen with him.

In a tweet storm on Friday, Black wrote: "I’ve been obsessing a bit over Melania’s disappearance - and that’s what it is. First Ladies don’t just drop out of sight; they go to Memorial Day wreath layings, for example. Or accompany their husbands to Camp David. They are *in* the public view."

He added, "My question: why is the press being so quiet about this and how does it reflect on their attitude towards Melania in general? Uniquely and remarkably, I think the press’s attitude towards the First Lady of the United States is that of victim."

Black expressed sympathy for the first lady saying, "They treat her with the softest of kid gloves. Has there ever been less scrutiny of a modern First Lady? Has the public ever known less about a First Lady? Most of us don’t even know cursory information about her - I would bet most people don’t even know her home country."

And with that, he launched into an exploration of possible reasons why Melania Trump appears to be laying low and if the press-- for some unknown reason -- is covering for her and the president.

You can read the tweets below: