Morning Joe rips Trump for attacking wealthy ‘elites’ at rallies and palling around with them at Mar-A-Lago
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough exposed the ridiculous hypocrisy of President Donald Trump's rally attacks on "elites."

The president has riled up campaign rallies this week by railing against the wealthy, telling supporters they call themselves elite and boast about their houses and boats.

"Did he go out into the crowd and ask about the type of yachts they had?" said Scarborough, who's known Trump for years.

The "Morning Joe" host explained how ludicrous Trump's attacks are, saying the president was completely clueless about his own wealth.

"Donald Trump told me, 'You need to buy a plane, Joe,'" Scarborough said. "I said, 'Donald, I don't have the money to buy a plane.' He said, 'You need a big plane.'"

"He really does think that people have, their daddies gave them $200 million and everybody has money to buy boats," Scarborough added. "It's -- that's what happens when you do wake up and are born on third base and think you have hit a triple."

Scarborough said the president's policies have largely benefitted the elites at the expense of the archetypal hardscrabble Trump supporter.

"The elites, Donald Trump's friends, for instance at Mar-A-Lago, the billionaires he sat around the table with after he passed the massive tax cuts and helped the billionaires," Scarborough said. "He said that night, as he sat around the table with the billionaires, 'I just made you all a lot of money.'"

Scarborough said the president's trade wars also targeted the supporters who show up at his rallies.

"The tariffs don't hurt the elites, the tariffs hurt the working class people who were in that crowd and other crowds," he said. "When they go to Walmart, when they go to Target, when they go out and when they go out and try to purchase goods, when they do it on Amazon, the elites are not the ones that are being hurt by these policies. It's people that work at Harley-Davidson plants and a lot of people in that crowd last night."