MSNBC analyst hilariously mocks the media for thinking Trump or his supporters actually know the facts
Jonathan Swan (Screen Capture)

On Wednesday's episode of Deadline MSNBC, hosted by Nicolle Wallace, the panelists discussed a range of ways the Trump administration is in trouble, from special counsel Robert Mueller's probe to the pay-out of Stormy Daniels.

The White House has hardly distinguished itself in its response to the controversies swirling around the Presidency. In fact, Donald Trump's primary strategy is to continue doubling down on the narrative that the Justice Department is corrupt, without letting facts or truth stand in his way.

"Trump's talent is knowing how a large segment of the public absorb information and the news ..." said Axios reporter Jonathan Swan. "People aren't following it the way we are. Most people don't know that Andrew McCabe has left the Justice Department."

Swan then self-deprecatingly mocked the media's (wrong) assumption that the general population follows the news as closely as journalists do.

“Like, 'Oh, what about the fact that *asterisk Andrew McCabe' … It doesn’t matter! Trump’s goal is to have the whole institution at the top look corrupt.”

When Wallace tried to interrupt, Swan pointed out that she was trying to insert facts into a narrative that's generally short on them.

"His people run these agencies!" Wallace insists.

"Again, Trump doesn't care. He doesn't care about these 'fact-check' asterisks' He doesn't care about how many PolitiFact articles come out. He will be hammering this narrative that this is an institution that was corrupted at the highest level."