MSNBC’s Chris Hayes gets angry and unloads on White House’s Stephen Miller

On Monday, the normally stoic (for cable news) MSNBC host Chris Hayes went off on Stephen Miller, the Trump administration advisor widely credited with pushing the administration to assert a "zero-tolerance" policy against migrants crossing the border.

"White house adviser Stephen Miller explained the initiative to the New York Times," Hayes said, before reading Miller's description of the administration's moral calculus.

"Quote, it was a simple decision ... to have a zero tolerance policy. The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law."

The policy has resulted in close to 2,000 children being separated from their parents and incarcerated in facilities like an old Walmart and — coming soon — tent cities (it's not yet clear if they'll have air-conditioning).

After speaking about the repercussions of the White House's zero tolerance policy, Hayes had a suggestion for Stephen Miller.

"I have a solution for everyone. The President and Stephen Miller should go down to the border and take the role of physically separating, 2-and-3-year-olds, while the cameras roll" Hayes said.