Mueller acquires Trump ally Erik Prince's computer and phones: report
Erik Prince, who appears to have lied in sworn testimony before Congress/Screenshot

Special counsel Robert Mueller has acquired Blackwater founder Erik Prince's computer and phones as he zeroes in on the Trump ally's ties to the Russia probe.

ABC News reported Monday that the military contractor's electronics were turned over to the special counsel after news broke last week that he is "cooperating" with federal investigators.

Prince, the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, has long been under scrutiny for a clandestine meeting in the Seychelles shortly after Trump was inaugurated that was allegedly intended to establish a backchannel between the administration and Russia.

In May, the New York Times revealed that in sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee last November, Prince appeared to have lied when claiming he had no "formal communication or contact with the campaign." In August 2016, the report noted, the Blackwater founder arranged a meeting between the president's son Donald Trump Jr. and Arab officials who were interested in helping his father win the election.