Mueller slaps former aide to Trump ally Roger Stone with grand jury subpoena
Roger Stone (Photo: screen capture)

Andrew Miller, a former aide to longtime Trump ally Roger Stone, has been hit with a grand jury subpoena by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The New York Times reports that Miller has been "subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury hearing evidence in the Russia investigation and to hand over documents."

However, Miller's attorney is working to get Mueller's subpoena of his client shot down.

The right-wing National Legal and Policy Center, which is funding Miller's defense, tells the Times that its goal is nothing less than shutting down the entire Mueller probe.

"The founders feared exactly what we see in Mueller: a runaway federal official," the organization said. "We hope to see Mueller’s operation disbanded, once and for all."

Stone has become a recent focus of Mueller's probe -- and he has publicly admitted now that he met with a man claiming to be a Russian agent who promised him dirt on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Additionally, Stone told one of his associates that he "dined" with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to discuss obtaining dirt on Clinton, although Stone has since claimed that he was lying about being in direct contact with Assange.

Previously, Stone had denied having any contact with any Russians during the 2016 campaign, although recently revelations have shown that this assertion was flat-out untrue.