New York man charged with hate crime for racist road-rage attack on black family
An angry man preparing to throw a punch. Image via Shutterstock.

An upstate New York man faces up to seven years in prison after hurling racist abuse on a black driver and his children during a road rage attack.

David Brooks, of Solvay, was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime after allegedly terrorizing the family during a Feb. 1 incident, reported The Post-Standard.

The 38-year-old Brooks is accused of following another vehicle he believed had cut him off, and he eventually pulled in front of the driver, who is black, and got out of his own vehicle.

Brooks called the other man a racial slur at least five times, according to the indictment, and told him to learn how to drive and then go to a bank to cash his welfare check.

He then walked to the passenger side of the black man's car and knocked off the side-view mirror, as two children under the age of 11 years old watched in fear.

Defense attorneys met Wednesday with prosecutors to discuss a plea agreement to the charges, which carry a possible 2 1/3-year to 7-year prison term -- although no jail time is required.

A judge ordered an investigation about Brooks and his background before moving forward with a possible plea deal.

Police have not released a mug shot for Brooks, who remains free on bond as the case continues.