'No f*cking crazy talk': Trump orders Mike Pence to keep staff in line during North Korea summit
Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence of Indiana speaking to supporters at an immigration policy speech at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump doesn't want to hear anything inappropriate coming out of his White House and administration, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

“Mike, you got it?” Trump reported told his vice president, according to one official. “No f*cking crazy talk from anybody in the administration.”

Trump has spent recent months starting online wars with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. In a bizarre twist, he canceled the planned summit, only to then renege on pulling out of the summit when Kim reached out. But in recent weeks, Trump has toned down his typical tough talk and asked members of the administration to do the same.

Ironically, Trump then started a trade war with Canada and the European Union during recent G-7 meetings.

While detractors have speculated little will likely come of the meeting, Trump tried to reassure the world that he has "been preparing all my life" for the sit-down with Kim. He did not explain how hotel and condo development prepared him for such peace talks, however. That experience has taught the self-described billionaire how to know "within the first minute" of the meeting whether North Korea is serious about denuclearization.

Trump told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo he had no intention of changing any of the U.S. policies on North Korea but he "needed to give North Korea room to negotiate," sources told The Journal.

"We're going to have a great success," Trump told reporters during a press conference Thursday. "A long time ago, this could have been solved in a lot easier manner and a lot less dangerous manner. But it wasn't. So I'll solve it, and we'll get it done."

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