'This president wants to be king': CNN panel torches Trump's dictatorial ambitions on immigration policy
A CNN panel discusses President Donald Trump's immigration policies (Screen cap).

A CNN panel on Monday attacked President Donald Trump for simply wanting to rule America by decree instead of through legislation enacted by Congress.

During the discussion, panelist John Avlon said that Trump was clearly frustrated that he can't just override Congress and the courts by ousting all undocumented immigrants from the country without due process.

"This issue is not playing the way the president would like," he said. "He can't make it disappear. This is a fundamental conflict between our values and policies, and when people see children crying and screaming, separated from their parents and put in cages without any receipts... that violates them."

Fellow panelist Brian Karem shared Avlon's view, and he said it reflected Trump's fundamental misunderstanding about how democracy is supposed to work.

"This president wants to be King Donald Trump, not President Donald Trump," he said. "And he really doesn't care too much about how the constitutional separation of powers takes place. He wants to be able to have an edict and go forward, and it doesn't work that way."

Watch the video below.