'The president will pay': Ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd blasts Trump for 'hiding behind the law' over migrant children policy
Phil Mudd (Photo: screen capture)

Ex-deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, Phil Mudd, said that President Donald Trump is repeating history and hiding behind the law during an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Monday.

Blitzer played audio that captured children crying at the U.S. border. Mudd said that the Trump administration is making up excuses and called it "heartbreaking."

"The fact that we're hiding behind the law stinks. This is the history of the American Republic. They told us things like an American woman can't vote. That was the law,"

Mudd continued. "It told us the Japanese can go into an internment camp. That's the law. It told us that at the beginning of this Constitution that a black man was less than a white man. We hide behind the law. The president can issue an executive order saying this is wrong, instead we say it's the law. The law holds us back. It held us back before and we paid. Kirstjen Nielsen and the president will pay."

Watch below.