Racist man mocked as a coward after filming himself using a spray bottle to harass a Muslim woman

In a video that's gone viral on anti-fascist groups' social media, a British man stalks a woman in a headscarf as she tries to shop in a grocery store. He then sprays her with Vanish spray remover, reports the Daily Mail UK.

"Let's see if this f****** stuff works," he says and sprays her. The woman continues shopping unperturbed: it's not clear if she doesn't notice her racist assailant or if attacks have become too commonplace to warrant a response.

On social media users pointed to a sad irony of the assault.

The anti-fascist group ABF posted it with the caption: "Strange how these far-right cowards almost always target Muslim women, never the men.... how brave of them."

A user wrote, "This is assault, where is the law or at least the store staff and manager? This guy needs to be dealt with, as has been pointed out he is doing this to women, what a coward."