Reporter suggests Sarah Sanders barely has any credibility left after combative exchange in White House briefing
NBC News national correspondent Peter Alexander and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Peter Alexander, national correspondent for NBC News, had a contentious back and forth with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Monday's press briefing.

MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi opened the show by noting the "brash show of defiance" President Donald Trump has shown towards special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Peter, by the way, you were one of the reporters trying to get an answer out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders that she wasn't very forthcoming about," Velshi noted.

The host played a clip of Alexander's question.

"Does the president believe that he is above the law?" Alexander asked the press secretary.

"Certainly not, the president hasn't done anything wrong," Sanders replied.

"The question isn't if he has done anything wrong," Alexander clarified. "The question is, does the president believe the framers envisioned a system where the president could pardon himself? So the president could be above the law?"

"Certainly the constitution clearly lays out law and once again the president hasn't done anything wrong and we feel very comfortable on that front," she replied.

"Just a moment ago, you said it's not that clear. I guess, simply put, does the president believe he is above the law?" he followed-up.

"Certainly no one is above the law," Sanders replied.

Reflecting on the briefing with Velshi, Alexander described it as "an example of a little bit of the jostling that goes on in the briefing room when we want to get our questions asked."

For Alexander, the main take-away from the briefing was a question of Sanders' strained credibility.

"The bottom line is, why should you believe anything that comes from Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she is speaking from behind the podium?" he wondered.