Rick Wilson flattens Trump aide Jason Miller blasting Trump's 'blackmail play' for 'mouth breathers and morons in the base'

A CNN panel discussion about the immigration crisis erupting on the US/Mexico border went completely off the rails Tuesday night when Republican Rick Wilson called the fear-mongering from President Donald Trump's administration outright racism.

Conservative former Trump aide Jason Miller tried to say that Congress needs to fix the law and the president can't do anything, but Wilson was quick to pounce.

"That's amazing to me," he began. "This is a guy who has governed by executive order. Everything is down to executive order and policy changes and this is a guy who is governed by using those two tools almost exclusively so far. And we have an example, when you were still there, still around, where they did the Muslim ban, it was a sweeping claim of executive powers on an immigration-related matter. And now they're suddenly saying, oh, they have to respect congressional prerogatives now? I don't think so. This has been a blackmail play from the beginning."

He went on to say that the whole thing was aimed at making a "spectacle of cruelty from the beginning." He said Trump is really trying to "whip up the mouth breathers, the morons who comprise the base."

As many Republicans have done this week, Miller turned to accuse Wilson of wanting open borders and accused him of not wanting to secure the United States from terrorists.

That's when things devolved into chaos and Wilson challenged Miller to tell the truth.

"That this is a guy who is surrounded by weirdest edge case people. Surrounded by people who contextualize this as the browning of America. This imaginary race war going on. And a lot of folks around him like Stephen Miller and the folks that have departed now, like Steve Bannon --"

Miller tried to talk over Wilson, saying he wasn't hearing any solutions to the border concern.

Wilson cut in to continue what he was saying, that the people around the president are fearful of the "browning of America" and don't want to see more brown people entering the country.

Watch the debate below: