Rob Reiner breaks down Trump's latest temper tantrum: He is 'desperate to be accepted as a strongman'
Rob Reiner (MSNBC)

Oscar-nominated director Rob Reiner took off the gloves on Friday in reaction to President Donald Trump's latest temper tantrum against longtime American allies such as France and Canada.

Reacting to Trump's impromptu press conference -- where he also pushed to have Russia to be readmitted to the G7 summit after it had been expelled following its annexation of Crimea -- Reiner said that Trump no longer wants to be in charge of a democracy, but rather a dictatorship.

"An ignorant incurious failed businessman with a seriously damaged psyche is desperate to be accepted as a strongman," Reiner wrote on Twitter. " So he rejects Democracy. Turns his back on allies, attacks the press, tries to destroy rule of law. We either continue to fight back or accept Autocracy."

Trump has been sparring in recent days with allies such as France and Canada, even as he has heaped praise on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for sending him a welcoming letter ahead of the summit between the two countries scheduled to take place next week.