Roger Stone whines he's on the edge of bankruptcy -- after accusing Mueller of trying to frame him
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

Following a blockbuster report that Roger Stone spoke with a Russian national who promised dirt on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for $2 million back in 2016, the Trump confidante tried to set the record straight on his own website -- and then asked for money to pay his legal bills saying he is almost broke.

In a post, Stone claims the FBI was trying to set him up 2016, writing, "Since my 20 minute meeting with the FBI informant resulted in no inappropriate or illegal act. I have no reason to dissemble or hide the meeting since nothing improper or significant resulted from it."

"I now realize the FBI informant’s demand for 'Trump’s money' in a $2 million payment for undisclosed damaging information on Hillary Clinton was seeking to compromise Trump himself," he tried to explain. "Knowing I have an almost 40 year relationship with the President, Comey’s FBI thought I could get Trump to pony up thus entrapping him."

Acknowledging that he never told investigators about the meeting when asked about Russian collusion, Stone called the meet-up "inconsequential."

"The question isn’t why I didn’t recall this - since the results of this contact are inconsequential and in no way improper or illegal," he wrote. "The real question is why Comey’s FBI would send a paid informant who is clearly only in the United States at their sufferance except as a 'Stef Halper' type operation to penetrate Trump’s circle and compromise him through me."

According to Stone, the FBI conspiracy to nail him for criminal offenses continues today under special counsel Robert Mueller, who will now use his lack of truthfulness to bring him up on charges of lying to a federal agent.

"The Special Counsel seems determined to frame me for some bogus offense both to silence me as a critic of their investigation and for political motives and to induce to testify against the President in some way," he wrote, before adding, "This I will not do."

Stone then made a pitch to his followers to help him stave off bankruptcy due to his legal fees that are continuing to add up.

"Because I’m already being sued by an Obama backed lefty legal foundation and the DNC and also facing a baseless $100 million defamation lawsuit from a Chinese national in the United States who is fighting extradition, and has ties to Steve Bannon," he wrote, but then added, "My legal expenses for representation surrounding my testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and my impending testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee and perhaps the Senate Judiciary Committee along with compliance with their broad and onerous document requests, my legal expenses are expected to exceed $1 million."

"I have already looted my grandchildren’s college fund. Online reports that I have a $20 million net worth are false," he elaborated. "My legal expenses against a running away Federal prosecutor seeking to “flip me” against Donald Trump, a man I have known intimately for 39 years, threatens to bankrupt me and destroy my family."

Stone then provided a link to an online fundraising site -- that fails to provide a running total -- and implored his fans to buy his book, "Stone's Rules - How to Win at Politics, Business and Style".