Roger Stone's grandson is begging for money to pay his legal bills -- Stone was supposed to 'pay for my college education'
Roger Stone and his grandson Nick Stevens/Screenshot

Roger Stone's grandson Nick Stevens is begging for cash to help pay Stone's legal bills.

Stevens has started a GoFundMe where he pleads for money to help the veteran operative who had bragged of his ties to Russia and his involvement in dirty tricks.

"While it is very cool to have your grandfather be an important part of history, I can tell you that is not fun for me to see my grandfather and our family under attack," he writes.

Stevens' motives are not entirely pure—he needs money for college, and is worried his grandfather is going to spend it on lawyers.

"My grandfather has even been forced to use the small amount he has made from the sale of the five books he has written that was supposed to help pay for my college education and the college education of my sisters and my cousins," he writes.

The two are close—check out the video Stevens posted of the two of them shirtlessly broing down on Easter, with Stone smoking a big fast cigar.