Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday assured Fox News viewers that President Donald Trump is acutely sensitive to the plight of undocumented immigrant children that were separated from their parents by his own orders.

During an interview with Fox News' Bill Hemmer, Giuliani said that Trump is working on some kind of "solution" that will keep families together while they await their immigration hearings.

"For the good of the country I take that statement I saw that the president has a solution in mind to move this thing forward," he said. "Since I think he is very disappointed that the Democrats want to make this a political football. I think he thought he could get a comprehensive solution."

Giuliani said that the president's feelings are hurt by partisans who attack him because he is "not in favor of open borders and letting the MS-13 sneak in with everybody else."

Giuliani closed by giving a personal testament to Trump's deep well of emotional empathy.

"It's a tragedy," he said. "Nobody feels it more than Donald Trump, believe me."

Watch the video below.