'Save our jobs!' Nail plant worker begs Trump to end the trade war that is killing his company
Mid-Continent Nail operations manager Chris Pratt (Screen cap).

The Mid-Continent Nail Corporation in Missouri is getting hammered by President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs -- and one of its workers on Thursday directly begged the president to call off his trade war to prevent mass layoffs at his plant.

During an interview with MSNBC, Mid-Continent Nail operations manager Chris Pratt said that his workers are facing the imminent prospect of losing their jobs if Trump does not find a way to ease off on his tariffs soon.

"They're scared," Pratt said of his workers. "They have fear -- fear for their jobs, you know, and rightly so."

When asked what his message to Washington, DC was about the president's economic policies, Pratt simply replied, "Save our jobs."

He then directly addressed Trump.

"President Trump, if you hear this, you know, this job means a lot to this community," he said. "To the people that work here, to the suppliers we have, it affects more than just the 500 jobs we have here. So please help."

Watch the video below.