'They spread a lie': CNN panel crushes Trump White House for 'scoffing at reality' in Russia probe
A CNN panel discusses the Trump White House's lies (Screen cap).

CNN's John Berman did not mince words when discussing the Trump White House's repeated lies about President Donald Trump's role in dictating a misleading statement about his son's involvement in the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents to discuss damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

In particular, Berman zeroed in on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani nervously laughing on Monday night when Chris Cuomo asked him why the White House lied for months about Trump's involvement in the statement.

"The most telling part was the laugh from Rudy Giuliani," said Berman. "He was laughing at the truth, scoffing at the notion of reality there... the fact is that they spread a lie. They spread a lie. Now, did Jay Sekulow know he was spreading a lie? I don't know. Did Sarah Sanders know she was spreading a lie?"

CNN's John Avlon, who once worked for Giuliani as a speechwriter during his tenure as New York mayor, said there was no way for the White House to plausibly deny that it was knowingly lying about this particular issue.

"You can get into the splitting hairs about lies and intent, but... clearly they spread a lie from the White House podium and the president's lawyer, and that's why you can't simply assume it's a mistake," he said.

Watch the video below.