This is a 'stupid hearing': Democrat Ted Lieu drops mic on GOP for wasting time grilling Justice Dept officials
Rep. Ted Lieu -- screenshot

California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu expressed his disgust with Republicans on Wednesday for wasting valuable time looking into Hillary Clinton's emails from 2016 in a hearing, when nothing is being done about immigrant children being held in ICE detention camps.

In his opening remarks, before questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, the feisty Democrat addressed his House GOP peers with a scathing denunciation.

"It is stupid and ridiculous that we're having an investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails in 2016," he began. "It is now June, 2018, and thousands of kids have been ripped away from their parents by the Trump administration's child separation policy."

"They have not yet been reunited and, that these kids do not know if they're ever going to see their parents ever again, is a trauma and horror we can only imagine," he added as he choked up.

"Since the Republicans control the agenda, let's at least try to have this stupid hearing based on the facts and the central fact from this IG investigation is that no personal views of any FBI or DOJ employee affected the integrity of the investigation," he charged before turning to question Wray to confirm his claim.

You can watch the video below via CNN: