The View erupts in laughter as Ana Navarro unloads on Trump’s child-like pardons
Ana Navarro on The View (Screenshot/ABC)

During a guest appearance on ABC's The View, Republican strategist Ana Navarro on Friday blasted President Donald Trump, claiming he was misusing his pardon powers.

Trump announced Thursday that he would pardon conservative provocateur Dinesh D'Souza, who pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws.

"This is like when a kid in the movie finds out he has a superpower," Navarro remarked. "And he wants to use it on everyone. I think that is part of what you're seeing. Oh, look, I can make lightning come out of my fingers."

She added that Trump was mainly using his pardon powers to help celebrities. Navarro also said he was sending a signal to his allies amid the Russia investigation.

"A lot of his people, if they start singing, and they start snitching, and they start talking, he might end up in big trouble," she explained. "He is making his base happy with some of these pardons... he is sending a message to his people."

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