The View's Ana Navarro trashes GOP’s ‘silent complicity’ as Trump blows up allies
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Ana Navarro guest hosted "The View," and she slammed fellow Republicans who stand by silently as President Donald Trump attacks allies and cozies up closer to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The panelists reacted to Trump's provocations against Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who hosted this weekend's G-7 summit, and pointed to a tweet from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) condemning the president's conduct.

Navarro said the Arizona Republican's statement wasn't enough.

"I actually agree with the sentiment that John is expressing there, but I'm not sure that's true anymore, that a bipartisan majority -- certainly not a majority of Republicans, and if they do, they are standing there or they are sitting there in silent complicity to your point," Navarro said. "Because they are not speaking out.

"I was scrolling through the Twitter feeds of some of the major leaders in foreign policy in the U.S. Senate, and practically none of them said boo about the fact that we are, you know, embracing Putin and antagonizing our allies," she added.

The president and his advisers have complained about a supposed trade imbalance with the neighboring country, but Navarro and co-host Sunny Hostin questioned their claims.

"We have a trade surplus of billions and billions of dollars with Canada," Navarro said, and Hostin pointed out the figure was $8.4 billion. "We have a trade deficit with Russia."

That dynamic made Hostin suspicious.

"This is the question -- why? Hostin said. "Why is Trump beholden to Putin? Why? That's the question that we all need to be asking ourselves.