On Thursday, President Donald Trump boasted about his triumphant arrival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to celebrate the opening of the Foxconn plant, an electronics giant that's promised to bring thousands of jobs to the state.

"I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for meetings. Soon to leave for a big groundbreaking for Foxconn, which is building a great new electronics plant in Wisconsin. 15,000 Jobs, so great!" he tweeted.

The Foxconn plant opening has drawn skepticism from economic analysts who suggest that the $4 billion package of incentives from state and local officials is not the best use of resources.

There are also concerns that the projected job growth might be overblown.

A report in the Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel suggests that the global giant is already downsizing its plans for the Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin location. The report notes that the company is shifting gears on the type of glass screens it will produce—which means a far smaller factory and possibly far fewer jobs than initially promised.

The firm maintains that they're committed to creating 13,000 jobs. It's not clear why their projected job numbers differ from the President's, who promised 15,000 jobs in his tweet.