Trump family biographer reveals why Ivanka remained quiet on immigrant kids: 'She has a twisted relationship with her father'
Ivanka and Donald Trump (NASA)

Ivanka Trump's personal brand is of a loving mother who serves as a moderating influence on her father's most extreme impulses—or at least that's how she sees her brand.

The first daughter was ripped for not standing up to criticize President Trump when he seized children from immigrants and locked them in warehouses away from their parents.

Why hasn't Ivanka Trump been able to change her father's mind on these things, and why is she so tone-deaf about it?

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace talked to Emily Jane Fox, a Vanity Fair reporter who is the author of Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family, a new biography on the Trump family. Fox said that Ivanka is a lot like her father.

"I was asking around this week saying why is she being silent on this issue. These are people who advise her on these kind of things, whose advice she seeks out. They said to me she came to us early this week this week and said, 'Should I say something?' How can you not say something? And she stayed silent," Fox said. "The only explanation I can give you is what I reported in the book: She has this twisted relationship with her father where she will never really speak up against him. We've only seen her do it one time in the entire time she's been in the White House and even throughout the campaign. It was with Roy Moore and he was furious with her after that."

Why can't Ivanka Trump see herself as others see her and understand she hasn't done anything meaningful to help?

"There is a unique trait some people in the Trump family have where they can color their own reality and tend to believe it," Fox said. "This is something the president has where he says something enough times and believes it, even though it's not true. I think sometimes Ivanka Trump has the same syndrome where she says,' 'I'm an advocate, I'm an advocate'—even though there is no instance where she's actually been an effective advocate in the White House."

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