Trump supporters tell reporter that they think photos of suffering immigrant kids were fabricated by media
Press-hating Trump supporter yells at journalists at Florida rally (Frank Thorp V)

New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers is in Duluth, Minnesota to cover tonight's campaign rally featuring President Donald Trump -- and she's found that many Trump supporters aren't buying reports about immigrant kids suffering after being forcibly separated from their parents.

Specifically, Rogers says that not believing media reports about suffering children is a "common theme" among Trump supporters waiting outside for his rally to begin.

"A Trump supporter in Duluth, one of many waiting in a long line outside tonight’s rally location, just told me she has compassion for separated families but ultimately believes that the detainment center photos and videos are fake and photoshopped," writes Rogers.

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter has similarly cast doubt on the plight of the young children by claiming that the children in photos are simply "child actors." And President Donald Trump this week suggested that the children were "coached" on what to say by immigration lawyers so they could gain unlawful entry into the country.