UPS human resources supervisor says black 'thugs' deserve police violence -- and gets fired 48 hours later
Georgia's Gwendolyn Carder, a former UPS human resources official fired after making racist Facebook comments. Image via Facebook.

A human resources supervisor at a Georgia UPS facility has been fired after making Facebook comments suggesting a black man who was deliberately hit by a police officer in his vehicle deserved what he got.

Atlanta's WSB-TV reported Wednesday that Gwendolyn Carder — a now-former human resources at a UPS facility in Atlanta — posted racist comments in response to an article the news station shared about Athens police officer Taylor Saulters deliberately hitting a black suspect while chasing him with his car.

"Thugs deserve it," Carder wrote in the comment, adding that it "seems to be people of color who are the problem."

Carder made her comment over the weekend, and after concerned social media users contacted her employer of 25 years, she was fired by Monday.

"UPS has no tolerance for hate, bigotry or prejudice," the UPS statement read. "The company embraces diversity and inclusion as one of its core values. The comments Ms. Carder shared in response to WSB-TV’s story do not reflect UPS’s values or culture."

Marshea Washington, a neighbor of Carder's, told the station that the comment was shocking.

"It does bother me that she would generalize us and make us as if we are thugs, because I’m not raising thugs, and I’m raising three African sons," the neighbor said, adding that Carder now "has to deal with the consequences" of her "bold" social media statement.