WATCH: Black women trailed upon entering Walgreens — and ‘rushed by three officers’ after paying
Miramar police officer (WPLG)

Two black women say they were racially profiled and searched while shopping for beauty supplies at a Florida drugstore.

Crystal Davis and Santanna Neal stopped Tuesday night at Walgreens in Miramar, where they were immediately trailed by a store employee as they shopped, reported WPLG-TV.

"As soon as we walked in the store, we kept hearing the alerts, 'Security check the floor," Davis said.

Neal said the store's manager, also a black woman, accused them of stealing -- and police stopped them after paying for their items and searched their bags.

"We were just rushed by three officers," Davis said.

Police told the pair they were responding to a shoplifting report, but Davis denied the accusations.

"How?" Davis said. “Here's our bags. Here's our receipt."

Officers searched their purses as Neal recorded video, but they didn't find any evidence to back the manager's accusations and allowed the women to leave.

"I work hard for everything and this really pissed me off," Neal posted on Facebook. "Never stole anything a day in my life -- period. They rushed me as soon as I walked outside."

Walgreens representatives have contacted the women, and Miramar police are investigating the incident.