WATCH: Phoenix cop beats blind man in bathroom — but blind man gets charged with aggravated assault
Marco Zepeda [Photo: go fund me]

Marco Zepeda, a blind man was using the bathroom when he was attacked by a police officer. He just came out of nowhere," Zepeda said.

Zepeda said he was using his fingers to look around for a urinal when the police officer shoved him back. “He grabbed and he screamed at me ‘I told you I was the police.’ But he never did it. I swear to God he never did it," Zepeda said.

Walter Gastelum, was in the bathroom at that time, and record a video and uploaded it to Snapchat. Zepeda can be heard yelling "I'm blind" in both English and Spanish.

"Marco kept screaming, ‘I’m blind. I can’t see. I’m blind. I’m blind,'" Gastelum said. "You can clearly see that he's blind. I don't know how you can miss that."

“After I opened the door, the police officer stood up, looked up at me, he’s like, ‘He hit me first,'" Gastelum said. "And I was like, ‘He’s blind.'"

The Phoenix Police Department confirmed that the officer hit Zepeda. They also claimed that the officer suffered minor injuries because Zepeda fought back.

"I’m telling the truth. There’s no reason for me to lie to the public,” Zepeda said.

"He’s an officer. He shouldn’t have responded like that. If anything he should’ve guided him," Gastelum said. "The cops are here to serve and protect, not to harass and collect. That's the truth."

Zepeda was charged for aggravated assault, but later the police department dropped the charges.

A Gofundme page has been created to help Zepeda.

Watch below.