WATCH: Trump embarrasses black woman by saying he wants to name his next daughter 'LaSonya'
LaSonya Hill and President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump appeared to embarrass a black Florida woman who appeared with him at a tax event by oddly drawing attention to her name.

The president introduced LaSonya Hill, who says her employer gave bonuses to workers after the Republican tax cut was enacted earlier this year, with an awkward attempt at a compliment.

"One incredible citizen who has benefitted from our tax cuts and jobs is LaSonya Hill," Trump said, before straying from his prepared remarks.

"I love that name," he said, turning to face Hill. "If I have another daughter, I think I'm going to name her LaSonya. Is that okay, can I copy it? I like that name."

Hill appeared to be unsure how to take the president's comments and offered a smile, until he returned to his Teleprompter script.

"From Jacksonville, Florida, great place -- I know it well," Trump said, before discussing how the tax cut had benefited employees of Crowley Maritime.

Trump has five children with three wives, and his youngest child is 12-year-old Barron, whose mother is the 48-year-old first lady, Melania Trump.