WATCH: White man freaks out over burrito-eating train passenger -- and calls the cops
A man yelling [ Photo: screenshot from video]

A San Fransicso, Bay Area white man called the cops on a man eating a burrito on the BART train. A video posted to Reddit, shows the man yelling at the passenger and threatening to call the cops if he does not stop eating.

“You can’t wait?” the man yelled at the passenger.

The guy ignored him and did not respond. However, he kept harassing the man for eating a burrito.

“The sign says no eating and drinking,” he said in the video. “You don’t get it. You must be stupid. I’ve seen people like you on TV."

“I’ll get the police on board, how about that,” he continued. “Yes, can we get a policeman on board here,” he says into the intercom. “We’ve got someone dining in the first car.”

The other passengers on the train laughed at the man for being so upset. "You must not ride BART much?" one passenger said.

Other passengers encouraged the man to continue eating his food.

White people have made headlines in recent weeks for calling the cops on people for doing mundane tasks. There was #BBQBecky, who called the cops on a black family for barbecuing in the park.  Also, there was a man nicknamed #JoggerJoe for harassing a homeless person.

Now, this man has been dubbed as #BurritoBilly for not minding his own business on the train.

Watch below.