'Worse than Katrina': CNN panel explains how family separation is Trump's most horrific scandal yet
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin and Brian Karem (Screen cap).

A CNN panel on Thursday said it would be unfair to say that the Trump administration's family separation policy scandal is on par with the Bush administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina -- but only because what Trump has done is much worse.

"A metaphor we are starting to hear more and more is this is Donald Trump's Katrina, a turning point in how he is portrayed," said CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. "But in many respects, this is worse than Katrina."

Toobin went on to explain that Hurricane Katrina was a crisis that was foisted upon the Bush administration, whereas the family separation policy is entirely of the Trump administration's own making.

"George W. Bush didn't create the hurricane," he said. "He didn't make it rain. Whereas... there was no reason for these kids to be separated from their parents under existing government policies."

CNN political analyst Brian Karem agreed that this scandal is worse than Katrina for Trump and he said it's emblematic of how his entire administration is being run.

"This is the epitome of this administration," he said. "They are understaffed. They have not the wherewithal to handle the issues that come before them. They are dishonest. They don't have the best and the brightest. They created this issue. They lied to us. Now they are trying to find a way out of a morass they created."

Watch the video below.