Black Home Depot employee fired after altercation with Trump supporter offered job back
Maurice Rucker -- screenshot

A black man who was fired from Home Depot after being accosted with racial abuse by a customer has gotten his job back, says a company spokesman.

Maurice Rucker, 60, was let go from his $13-an-hour job after the incident. Rucker had politely asked a white man to leash his dog in the store.

The man responded with a torrent of abuse: "F**k you. You’re an a*****e you’re a piece of s**t."

The man then told Rucker that "if Trump wasn’t president, you wouldn’t even have a job. You’re from the ghetto, what do you know?"

Rucker then told the man that he was lucky he was working the job he's had for the last decade or he would not allow himself to be spoken to that way.

Home Depot had initially fired him for not being appropriately deferential and "disengaging" from the racist customer.

Now they feel differently.

"I’m reaching out from The Home Depot to provide an update regarding Maurice Rucker. We’ve taken another look at this and we are offering Maurice his job back," wrote Matthew Harrigan, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at The Home Depot.