CNN correspondent stunned by the rising level of 'subconscious' racism in the United States
Broke Baldwin and Sara Sidner [Photo: Screenshot]

People are still calling the cops on people of color for doing ordinary and mundane tasks. These incidents appear to be on the rise, and have dominated news headlines in recent weeks.

For example, a black woman lawmaker had the cops called on her for campaigning in her community and a restaurant canceled a reservation from a black fraternity after saying they did not want "their kind" in the establishment.

During an interview with CNN's CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and CNN's National Correspondent Sara Sidner warned that these situations highlight the ongoing trend of unconscious racism.

"You can't paint everyone with the same brush," Sidner said.

Sidner said that people are starting to call "subconscious racial bias"  they experience everyday.

"Using words like 'your kind' is a major problem, and it triggered racist ideals. You've got these two incidents and what we have seen happen before, is that people are becoming far more alerted about subconscious racial bias. It may not be as overt and people are saying something about the things that are happening to black people in this country," she said.

Watch below.