CNN's Chris Cuomo nails president for not lowering flags for Capital-Gazette victims: 'The dead don't matter to Trump'
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

Despite precedent, President Donald Trump did not lower the flag to half-staff after a mass shooting.

After five Americans were killed in Annapolis at the Capital-Gazette, the White House didn't order federal buildings to lower the flag.

"I know everything moves so fast now," Cuomo said. "It's been four days since the recent mass-shooting that robbed this world of five lives, shattered families and added another layer of shame on all lawmakers for not doing something to stop the shootings."

He noted that after the Las Vegas shooting, the Parkland shooting, the shooting at the Baptist church in Texas were all commemorated by Trump by lowering the flags. Not Annapolis.

"It wasn't about big numbers of people. Why would the mayor of Annapolis say he was turned down with a no-brainer request?" Cuomo wondered. "I'm afraid I know the answer, and it's because President Trump doesn't like the media. I know that sounds extraordinarily petty and callous."

However, Cuomo noted that Trump is the same man who mocked Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for being captured in Vietnam. Trump is the same man who continues to attack McCain while he fights brain cancer.

"Trump, unfortunately, is entirely capable of disrespecting people, no matter their predicament, if it suits him or his interests," Cuomo continued.

He used the children on the border as another example. Many of the children still have not be reunited with their families, despite the claim that he would fix it.

"Yes, Trump did say he respects journalists after the mass murder, but why would you believe that?" Cuomo asked. "Why would you believe he's not lying again? I don't have time to play all the attacks on the media, you know the truth, and now you know even if they get murdered, the president won't respect the media appropriately. It's the truth. It's as true as it is shameful. and sensitivity to the dead, preserving, what? His ability to bash the media to his base? Is that what matters? Well, this matters too. They were good people, murdered in cold blood doing a job that's fundamental to your democracy. Certainly as fundamental as the presidents."

He noted that the Republican governor of Maryland didn't hesitate to lower the flags in the state on Friday and through the weekend. "Because he did something decent," Cuomo said. "The president chose not to, because the families of the dead and the dead themselves don't matter to Trump as much as his playing political favorites."

The host noted that it raised "a really ugly suggestion" he had. "I wonder if it were an outlet he prefers, or is he aware of? Would he make a different choice? That might be even worse?"

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