Colbert calls Trump the 'Bobby Fischer of being a moron': 'He's always three moves ahead and he's groping the queen'
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

While the European Union managed to work out a deal on tariffs with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Stephen Colbert couldn't help but laugh at the media war threating a trade war.

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker wasn't impressed with the president's intimidation. Trump began the discussion with a tweet that was a complete reversal of his hard-nosed trade plan.

"The European Union is coming to Washington tomorrow to negotiate a deal on Trade. I have an idea for them. Both the U.S. and the E.U. drop all Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies! That would finally be called Free Market and Fair Trade! Hope they do it, we are ready - but they won’t!" Trump tweeted.

"Well, not with that attitude," Colbert quipped. "That's like if your psychiatrist said, 'It would be great if we could figure out your issues with your mother, but ain't no way that's happening, mama's boy. Uh-oh, here come the waterworks. Go ahead and squirt them.'"

Colbert noted that Juncker was ready to match Trump's dumb threats with his own illogical ridiculousness.

"So, now we will also impose import tariffs," Juncker announced in a statement. "This is basically a stupid process, the fact that we have to do this. But we have to do it. We will now impose tariffs on motorcycles, Harley-Davidson; on blue jeans, Levis; on bourbon. We can also do stupid."

Colbert noted that the world is very well aware that Europeans can also do stupid. "I've met Piers Morgan."

That's when Colbert questioned whether Juncker could actually match Trump's stupidity. He played a truly legendary super-cut of the president's dazed brainlessness over the past few years.

"So, yeah, yeah, good luck out-dumbing that," Colbert said. "He's like the Bobby Fischer of being a moron: he's always three moves ahead, and he's groping the queen."

Watch the video below: