Eavesdropping white woman threatens to call cops on black woman: ‘We’re going to build this wall’
White woman confronts black woman over food stamp sale (Twitter)

A viral video shows a white woman threatening to call police on a black woman she overheard discussing the sale of food stamps -- and then using President Donald Trump's campaign slogan as a racist threat.

The black woman offered to sell some of her SNAP/food stamp benefits to a friend over the phone, and another shopper overheard the conversation and confronted her.

"You do know this is none of your damn business, right?" the black woman says, as a bystander recorded video.

"Oh, it's my business," the white woman says. "Because I pay my taxes."

"Damn, you ain't paid for these f*cking food stamps," the black woman says, her voice rising in agitation.

The white woman backs away, looks nervously at the bystander recording video and mutters Trump's campaign promise.

"We're going to build this wall," she says. "We're going to build this wall."

The black woman asks the white woman why she cares what she's got in her purse or what she talks about on her phone.

"Why the f*ck you in my business?" the black woman asks.

The white woman insists she has a right to interfere in the black woman's personal business, and then initiates a phone call as the video cuts off.

It's not clear where the encounter took place, or whether the white woman called police.