Ex-CIA officer reveals how Trump is using Russian meddling to delegitimize potential blue wave in November
David Priess [Photo: Screengrab from Twitter]

On Tuesday, ex-CIA intelligence officer and author David Priess told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that President Donald Trump is preparing to blame the November election outcomes on Russia if the Democrats win.

President Trump tweeted that he believes that Russia will interfere with the election to help the Democrats win.

"He says he's now concerned that Russia is going to interfere in the upcoming election, that they're going to work to help Democrats... I'm confused," Baldwin said.

Priess said that President Trump was just trying to sow confusion.

"The assessment originally from the intelligence community about 2016 was the attempt to cause confusion," Priess said. "When it looked like Hillary was winning, it was to cause chaos. As it looked like Donald Trump, who was more of a chaos candidate might succeed. Then the effort became help him as much as possible. That's entirely different than wanting, wanting no difference between helping Trump in 2016 and helping Democrats now to try to help the body of politicking."

He also said it was just a "cover up" for President Trump.

"It's a good point for the president to come out and say that it gives him cover for the Putin visit to say, but I'm going to push him because that guy is now influencing our elections in favor of the Democrats," Priess said.

He continued: "If there is a Democratic wave in November, Trump can say, well look you can't accuse me of being on the beneficiary side of Russian involvement, because you yourself were put into office in 2018 by the Russians. So it's a wash now. That's if the Democrats win. If the Democrats lose, he can go back to saying look how popular I am. Look how popular we are. Even the Russians couldn't get their bad message across to the American people. It's a win-win for Donald Trump."

Watch below.