Ex-Russian foreign minister warns Trump’s anti-American talking points came from Putin: ‘It’s an emergency situation’
Andrei Kozyrev on CNN -- screenshot

While taking part in a CNN panel on President Donald Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs under President Boris Yeltsin warned that the American president appeared to repeating, almost verbatim, Putin's talking point on a variety of topics -- and warned Americans they should be worried.

Speaking with CNN host Fareed Zakaria, Andrei Kozyrev was asked about the presidential press conference in Helsinki.

"What is really dangerous to my mind, fundamentally," he explained in a heavy accent, "is that it is the first time ever an American President offered to a Russian counterpart in his tweet, in Trump's tweet, the new basis for relationship -- the new basis for discussions. The basis is that America is to be blamed for its stupidity. That America is to be blamed for troubles in its relationships."

"Putin cannot but rejoice in that. That is why my former deputy, Sergey Lavrov said it is much better than 'super,'" he quipped. "That is the wrong foundation and I can't believe it happens, that it is America to blame. Putin is saying for the kids that it is America that has to change its behavior all over the agenda."

"The problem is not having normal or benign relations," he advised. "But having relations based on the fact that it is all America's fault, stupidity or whatever, and America has to correct its behavior. That really makes this an emergency situation to my mind. It is an emergency situation."

The former Russian diplomat also cited changes in the former Soviet Union during the interview, remarking, "In my youth, what I heard on the street was 'proletarians of the world, unite!' Now what I'm hearing is 'authoritarians of the world, unite!'"

Watch the video below via CNN: