Florida GOP party gets caught sharing a bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory promoted by Roseanne
Former TV star Roseanne Barr. Image via Shutterstock.

Over the weekend, a Florida GOP party account tweeted — and then deleted — a post about a popular right-wing "deep state" conspiracy theory promoted by the likes of Roseanne Barr.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Monday that the Hillsborough County GOP was in hot water after posting a video explaining the infamous "QAnon" conspiracy theory. The theory, according to the since-deleted post by the Tampa-area Republican Party, centers on QAnon or Q, "a mysterious anonymous inside leaker of deep state activities and counter activities by President Trump."

As the Times noted, QAnon posts in the 4chan and 8chan message boards about conspiracies taking place amongst members of the so-called "deep state," including the Pizzagate conspiracy alleging Democrats use pizza parlors as fronts of pedophilia rings. The report also noted that the Hillsborough County GOP made a similar post about QAnon on its Facebook page.

The QAnon conspiracy is a favorite of sitcom star-turned-Trump supporter Roseanne Barr, who has regularly referenced the theory with posts about the president "freeing" children from "pimp bondage." QAnon was also referenced by a Nevadan man who allegedly blocked traffic to the Hoover Dam with an armored truck in a letter he wrote to President Trump.

The post was "pinned" to the top of the county party's page until a reporter asked the group about it, the Times reported. It was subsequently taken down.