Florida Trump supporters say they'd believe him if 'he says he's going to turn the moon purple'
Young Donald Trump supporters. Image via AFP.

Supporters of President Donald Trump lined up to see their hero in Tampa Tuesday and many of them confessed that their support extends beyond a vote.

The Herald-Tribune interviewed many supporters, who confessed that they place him first and foremost.

"Promises made, promises kept, that's what this man does," said Gene Huber, a 48-year-old car salesman. "If he says he's going to turn the moon purple I believe him."

Huber was clad in a t-shirt that had a photo on it of him hugging the president. The photo is from a 2016 rally, where Trump called Huber up on stage.

"He's our messenger and we listen to him, that's all we do," Huber added. "I listen to our president and follow his agenda."

Gay Jewish Democrat Bob Kunst said that he drove from Miami for the event. He came with his "Hillary for Prison" sign and a plastic Hillary Clinton mask. He claimed that Democrats aren't putting him first and only using him.

"The Democrats want our money, want our votes and then stab us in the back," he said, before praising Trump for moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and going after the Islamic State.