Former Fox News Contributor facts-check Trump’s friend on Bill Shine's record: ‘Stop trying to mix the water'
Margaret Hoover, Robert P. Astorino, Erin Burnett [Photo: Screengrab from video]

On Wednesday, Former Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover fact-checked long-time President Donald Trump friend Robert P. Astorino, during an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett over claims that Bill Shine covered up sexual assault and sexual harassment cases while working for the Fox network.

After leaving Fox News,  Shine joined the White House to work for President Trump’s communication team. His wife, Darla Shine, has made headlines  in recent weeks after offensive and racist comments that she made in the 2000s were unearthed.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that she bashed women in the military by saying that they should expect to be  sexually abused.

Astorino tried to defend the Shine’s by downplaying the allegations.

“I know Bill Shine as a professional, and very good person. I was not there. I wasn't there on a day-to-day basis but obviously he did a good job professionally,” Astorino said.

He continued: “With a lot of lawsuits and corporations and government, as county executive, I had lawsuits every day, and I was named in all of them because I was at the top. I had no idea about any of these things or people. Sometimes people get caught up in things with nothing to do with it.”

Hoover slammed him by saying that the allegations against Shine are factual and that he should stop trying to mix up the facts.

“At Fox it was pervasive and Bill was integrated enough into the workings of Roger Ailes, he knew about the cases, no way he didn't know. We know it happen stop trying to mix the water,” she concluded.

Watch below.