Former US ambassador to Israel sounds the alarm on Trump embracing Putin's most sinister Helsinki proposal
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (MSNBC)

Dan Shapiro, who served as an ambassador to Israel under the Obama administration, is raising alarms about President Donald Trump potentially embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin's plan to extradite Michael McFaul, the former American ambassador to Russia.

Reacting to Russian state media reports about Putin bringing up the possibility of Trump sending him McFaul in exchange for letting special counsel Robert Mueller's team question Russian operatives about their alleged role in interfering in the 2016 presidential election, Shapiro writes that Trump may just be stupid enough to believe this would be a good deal.

"My 11-year old knows the offer is ludicrous and unacceptable," he writes. "Russia will provide nothing on the 12 operatives, use any visit to gather intel on the investigation, & try to elevate garbage charges against Putin's opponents to the level of Mueller's well-documented allegations. Trump didn't get it."

Shapiro then went on to say that he was particularly horrified by the possibility of Trump extraditing McFaul as a way to stick it to former President Barack Obama.

"Under no circumstances can the US government permit, or even contemplate, making those who have served the US government faithfully available to the spurious 'investigations' of our adversaries," he writes. "They owe it to past, current, and future US officials to uphold that principle."

He then calls on Trump administration officials to forcefully squash the notion that they would even consider letting Trump go through with such a scheme.

"This issue could not be more serious," he concludes. "Putin's political opponents often wind up dead. The idea of a former US officials being questioned, arrested, or, God forbid, harmed by Russia needs to be rejected forcefully by the Administration. Today."

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