Fox Business analyst slaps Trump for yelling about media's 'anonymous' sources: 'He was one of mine over the years'
Donald Trump speaks at a rally. Image via screengrab.

A Fox Business Network regular took a slap at President Donald Trump for complaining to a Montana crowd on Thursday night that the "fake news" uses anonymous sources to make him look bad.

"They never use names anymore," Trump told the Great Falls crowd. "In the old days, they used to use names. 'Jim Smith said that Donald Trump is a bad guy.' They don’t do that anymore. They say a source within the administration. They make the sources up they don’t exist in many cases."

According to Charles Gasparino, a financial analyst for the Fox network, he used to depend on Trump for anonymous quotes.

"Just heard @POTUS at this rally complaining about the use of anonymous sources. For the record he was one of mine over the years," he tweeted.

You can see the tweet below: