Fox host slams GOP for Trump's trade war: 'If Obama pulled this, we'd be shouting to high heaven'
China, Pyongyang's traditional ally and biggest trading partner, has long called for the United States and North Korea to exercise restraint in the impasse and seek a negotiated solution that would de-nuclearise its secretive neighbour (AFP Photo/JIM WATSON)

During a Fox News panel discussion on Donald Trump's escalating trade war with China, a Fox Business host pointed out the shocking double standard in the reception to the president's tariffs.

As some panelists on the Outnumbered segment argued that Trump is using the tariffs as a negotiation strategy, Fox Business' Dagen McDowell noted that whatever tactic he is using "has not been laid out clearly."

"We've heard about more retaliation [from China]," she noted. "Europe has talked about coming back with tariffs on $300 billion in goods, which is one-fifth of our exports."

"If President Obama had pulled what we've seen in the last six months," McDowell added, "we would be shouting to the high heavens, blowing the roof off of this building about Obama killing the American farmer."

Watch below, via Fox News: