Fox News host knocks Trump for 'obvious mistake' of hiring Paul Manafort: All they had to do was Google him
Fox News host Jessica Tarlov (Screenshot)

Fox News host Jessica Tarlov on Tuesday mocked Donald Trump's claim that he hires "the best people" as a panel on Outnumbered was discussing the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

"There is no doubt that Paul Manafort is shady," said guest Lawrence Jones, the editor-in-chief of Campus Reform. "A lot of us know that when you've been involved in politics, you've heard of him around Washington."

Jones added that he was concerned that special counsel Robert Mueller was trying to put pressure on Manafort to get evidence against Trump. "If he wasn't the president's campaign manager, in likelihood, he wouldn't be facing these charges."

"Lawrence is absolutely correct," said Tarlov. "It goes beyond even if you're in the Washington scene, where you know that Paul Manafort has had unsavory dealings for many decades. Certainly flies in the face of the president's claim that he only hires the best people -- even for only a few days or a couple of months here in this case."

"How would you know that if it's beyond Washington?" host Melissa Francis asked.

"You can Google it," Tarlov replied. "If you're doing any normal background check and you Google Paul Manafort, a lot of things come up about his dealings in that part of the world. This is something -- I would say the most obvious mistake that they made."

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