Fox host Cavuto shames Trump by airing clips of former presidents apologizing to show him how it's done
Neil Cavuto gives Trump a lecture/Screenshot

On Thursday, Fox Business News host Neil Cavuto slammed President Donald Trump by playing clips of former presidents apologizing for their mistakes, which is something that President Trump has failed to do.

"When a problem comes along you must admit it. I'm telling you some of our most noted presidents have been through it and survived it," Cavuto said right before he played the series of clips.

He then showed a video of past presidents including John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama apologizing for their errors in judgement.

Cavuto said that President Trump failed to acknowledge his mistakes during a joint press conference in Helsinki with President Vladimir Putin.

President Trump said he thought he did a "great" job during his news conference with Putin.

"Maybe the president thinks he did just fine," Cavuto said. "But admitting and acknowledging some of the problem his comments created or the appearance they created did not come out in those remarks. Is something wrong with that? Or is it just more of Donald Trump? It served him well, he is the president after all."

Cavuto then asked his guest what they thought about it.

"Is that okay?" Cavuto asked.

"He is not particularly introspective. President Trump has said that apologizing makes him look weak," said reporter Erin McPike.

Watch below.